Obamacare Insurance Cancellation: Welcome to the #ObamaNation

Welcome to the ObamaNation where we know better than you!

Welcome to the ObamaNation where we know better than you!

The cancellation letters people are now receiving for their earlier choice based plans– you know the ones that President Obama said they could keep, PERIOD–out of courtesy and perfect declaration should open with this line,

“Welcome to the #ObamaNation where we know better than you!”

Those of us who have warned of these effects under the law, and a number of other predictable negative outcomes that are only beginning to show up, have been called fear mongers, and haters. The shouted counter argument becomes a diatribe of how this law is going to be so great. How it will provide insurance for so much less cost. How it will lower the cost to the nation and the individuals. How you will get whatever you want and have to pay almost nothing for it!

Routinely, people that pointed out these now visible consequences were accused of wanting to take care away from the poor or just wanted to preserve the wealth of the rich. But the actual consequences were never disputed, the subject was just changed to that of class warfare. People said that the arguments were false, that utopia would rein and there were going to be no adverse consequences, the middle class would be saved. All this despite much evidence to the contrary both empirical, documented and mathematical. Much of which has been related here on my blog in numerous articles.

From the days prior to passage, these promises, as made by the proponents, were knowingly empty and the effects we now see not only predicted but expected. Perhaps shockingly for some who are now beginning to get the picture, in most cases these outcomes were desired by the proponents of the law. This is your coming utopia America! A system where all healthcare services are controlled and paid for by the federal government. Where you no longer have choice in what you receive or what you’re willing to pay for yourself.  Where the only option is a government doctor, providing a government mandated and limited service. Where all other forms of care, previously available in the private market cease to exist.

So whether it comes from your insurance company in the near future, or sometime over the next 18 to 24 months in some announcement from the Federal Government; as this role out continues keep your eyes peeled for,

Welcome to the #ObamaNation where we know better than you!

Because then will you know the utopia you seek has arrived with the same purposefully fantastic effect as the promise to keep your existing plan and your doctor.

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Meet the Author - Thomas Loker is a Startup Consultant and Advisor at SYDK.ORG, Angel Investor, Mentor and Advisor at Keiretsu Forum & Venture-Med and an established operations guy with serial successes with startups, transitional companies and turnaround situations. He has had a long career serving in the fields of science, technology and healthcare related industries. He is an active board member in both for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Tom has written numerous articles in the areas of healthcare, technology, politics and the economy. He is currently the principal author of Health Reform 2.0: Beyond partisan divide lies pragmatic solutions – a whitepaper focused on moving beyond the partisan rhetoric of the ACA (Obamacare) to a simple, efficient, effective, accessible and affordable healthcare system. He maintains a passion for serving the underserved and has founded, supported and worked in various companies to serve the most fragile among us. Because of his expertise on the business of healthcare, he was invited to conduct multiple congressional briefings on healthcare reform in Congress, meeting with more than 100 congressional representatives. He has been a guest on HuffPost Live to talk about health care issues, and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topic for many groups and events. Prior to his latest book, The History and Evolution of Healthcare in America: The untold backstory of where we've been, where we are, and why healthcare needs more reform, Tom published “Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind”—a collection of essays on healthcare, politics and their interaction with the economy, available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other bookstores. Tom's passion for Music is currently expressed by his role as VP Operations and General Manager of David Victor Presents. See www,davidvictorpresents.com to find out more. You can find Tom online at: Website: http://www.loker.com Blog: https://tloker.wordpress.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomaswloker Photography: http://www.loker.net

2 thoughts on “Obamacare Insurance Cancellation: Welcome to the #ObamaNation

  1. Stop the fear mongering. Shitty policies are cancelled because they don’t meet minimum requirements. These are the polices that would get dropped once the policy holder got sick or reached a max Get over it. Work on the fix. It’s the law. Be part of the solution. I for one, uninsurable in your world, can now have coverage and not lose everything should I get ill. Your blogs make me sick!

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    • Despite the repeated statement this is not fear mongering. Second, I am not arguing you should lack coverage or the opportunity to keep coverage after you get sick. The problem with the current law is it w’s not sold honestly and there are a number of things that simply do not work and can’t work as billed, the economics are just one major piece.
      I am happy you have been able to get a policy that works for you, but while it helps you overall this may not help America. That is the problematic dichotomy. As for not liking my blog. If you don’t like it don’t read it.
      It is not written to make people afraid or angry. It is written to explain where the issues are not advocating for how to resolve them. Wanting something so bad the consequences become hidden is as big a problem as people not wanting to care for their neighbor. Lying to people to get them to agree to pass a law, and then misrepresenting the consequences to continue to push only the benefits is the problem.
      It is not fear mongering to explain the consequences. It is simply making sure people are aware of the consequences of their actions. In the end it is up to America to decide if they want to pay for part of your bill or not. It should not be up to one group to decide it or another group to deny it. It should be up to all Americans. And the only way that can happen is to make sure the consequence and the benefits have been described. I have described both on this site many times.
      I hope you keep your coverage and I hope it will end up working for you as you wish. I think, like all things, what you get in the end will not be what you expect. It never is for anyone.

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