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HealthReform 2.0 Updated Site

Welcome to the HealthReform 2.0.

We are the only place for people with a curious mind and a desire for a better healthcare system.

HR20 001.2

As most of you know, I have been working on understanding how to revive our failed healthcare system with one that can provide an easy transition, be efficient and effective, lower costs and improve outcomes.  I have recently been joined by my friend Tim Henning in producing a Podcast and YouTube channel in order to discuss how we got here with the quagmire of a healthcare NON-system. Where we really are with what medical and other healthcare providers can actually deliver, and laying out a way for all of us to work together to get the kind of healthcare system we want.

WWW.HR-20.COM is now updated and ready for your participation.

Our latest Episode 1.2 is the continuation of how we got to where we are in the Quagmire that we mistakenly call our healthcare system.  This episode is about Health in the New World,  Hospitals, Doctors & Physicians and Patent Medicine Kings.

We will tell you where Doctors and Physicians came from – hint they didn’t start out as the same occupation – the start of America’s first “drug cartels,” and how some of the issues in our current healthcare system have strong roots in decisions that were made 100’s of years ago.

You can access the Video on our YouTube Channel, here.  You can also find our podcast on: iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, and more.

Remember our updated website is  If you have a question, you would like us to address on an upcoming episode contact us at  Ask Your Question.

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Also if you like short topical notes drawn from the news, don’t forget to check out HealthyBytes – our podcast of Quick Points for Fast Learners. Check them out here.


I hope you will come check out our updated site and subscribe to our new show.

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