Half Full or Half Empty: Another Happy New Year!

It is often said, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Perhaps, unlike no other time of the year this is best considered at the birth of another new year! We seem to go on each year, new resolutions in hand, gradually returning to our prior ways. Sometimes we may keep one of our new hard-one habits for a bit longer than normal, but for the most part we revert to who we were before—continuing to creep along at our own petty pace from day to day, with our sound and fury intact signifying nothing. Still, it is good to wonder and consider. It is, in retrospect, likely something we should all do more often than we do. At a minimum, maybe we should complete this one simple exercise each year whether we need to or not. Whether we are people who routinely see the glass half full, or half empty—in the end we will find gratification.

With this in mind I offer the following video. I hope it helps you in your own consideration find a ponderous start to your new year!.

From those of us at the Health Care: Crisis in America blog and www.loker.com

Happy New Year to you and yours and thank you for being a loyal reader in 2013 and for your consistent referrals to others to help in their considerations. You have helped this blog and twitter find more than 9,000 regular readers!


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